Ashley Huot is an interdisciplinary artist and art educator born and raised under the vast grey skies of rural Canada. Graduating from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2011, she is currently based in Winnipeg Manitoba, Treaty 1 Territory. Her artistic practice is largely influenced by her rural upbringing; articulating how our relationship to land and the body correlates with our ephemeral understanding of mortality, presence and anxieties. She explores these themes through the use of video, photography, painting, narrative and installation. 

Ashley has pursued her interest in social justice, community outreach and arts education through community based non-profit work.  She has managed and coordinated multiple programs and events focused on making the arts accessible and approachable to diverse and vulnerable communities. Her main focus has been in developing free programs for children and youth that utilize the arts to develop life skills that promote wellness and resiliency, fostering inclusive and socially sustainable communities.